Facebook Ads give you power. See how.

  1. With Paid Ads, you control when, how much, and where you spend your hard-earned money.

  2. You don't have to wait for months to see the results. Unlike SEO, data becomes available as soon as the ads go live. That way you can save on time and money.

  3. You can swiftly act and make changes if the platform changes its algorithms, protocols, and policies. Unfortunately with SEO, you have to first figure out what has changed, how it affects you and your business, and then create a long-term strategy and start again.

  4. With Paid Ads, you can create long term strategies while also taking care of the short term business goals. Platform changes can be dealt with quickly.

  5. Paid Ads give you the ability to scale your campaigns and in turn business whenever you are ready.

  6. With simple changes and in a short duration of time, you can start bringing more potential customers to your eCommerce store, website, or local store.

Why Should You Run Facebook & Instagram Ads?

Facebook & Instagram combined has more than 2.5 Billion users and mostly your customers as well.

Facebook & Instagram are the fastest-growing ad platforms. ​Your future customers are already there.

This is a very big pool of your prospective customers.

Would you not want to reach them where they are?

Facebook advertising policies and algorithms change every other week. You would want to be on top of those changes and adapt to them quickly.

Because of these changes what was working last month may not work now.

We stay on top of these trends and adjust the marketing strategy & campaign accordingly.

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