How It Works


We'll set up your Facebook business manager, ad account, Facebook page, Instagram account, Facebook Pixel, and website integration. We'll also create and share a website optimization report highlighting the areas of improvement.


When everything is prepared, we'll start our execution plan - create and run a campaign to the targeted audience with the identified objective.

Campaigns start with a Funnel and that's where we'll begin.


We'll monitor, analyze, and optimize your marketing campaigns. We are always on top of the critical metrics to decide, which elements are performing well and make changes accordingly to drive desired results.


We'll do an exhaustive audit to assess your present state and understand where you want to be in a given time. We'll look for the areas of strength and potential gaps so that we can create a custom digital strategy for you. 


As all businesses are different and have different marketing needs, we'll create a custom digital strategy for your business/brand. It'll include custom avatars, hooks, copy, offer, targeting and creatives for the ad campaign.


Testing is one of the most important areas of marketing and is everpresent. The execution plan will involve massive testing to identify the winner and will still go on to spot to next contender.


Once the campaigns are optimized, scaling is the next natural step. It'll include scaling of all the elements - budget, ad campaign, audience, offers, creatives.

Complete Facebook Ad Support Every Step of the way

Strategic Consulting

Understanding the objective and mapping the efforts to reach the desired results. This is the cornerstone of the whole engagement & is of utmost importance. We'll thoroughly check the current state to find any gaps & opportunities.

Avatar & Audience Building

Avatars for target audiences are created based on likes, behaviors, demographics, wants, pain points, etc. It helps to map the creative & copy with the audiences being targeted & to speak to them in a more engaging way.

Persuasive Copy Writing

Writing a relevant (based on the avatar), awesome & persuasive copy is super important to speak to the audience in a way that makes sense for them. We create a persuasive copy that directly speaks to your clients without feeling intrusive.

Not tracking correctly is the single step that will stop the campaign from working. Setting up the Facebook Pixel to track all the events & always be on top of how people are interacting.

Pixel & Tracking

Consistent testing is the key to the success of any campaign. Even when everything is working like a charm trying to find the next winning ad is important to generate revenue every month long term.

Testing & Management
Analytics & Reporting

We analyze how the campaigns are doing at any point in time & provide weekly/monthly reports on key metrics to clearly put it in front of you how much did you spend and what did you get in return.